About Us

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Fountain of Restoration is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in 2011. Our mission is to provide relationship, resources & redirection for at-promise females ages 11-18, by utilizing research-based consulting and information services. These services uplift, encourage, restore & empower young females to find worth and greater good within themselves, their families & their communities.

Our board of directors are working feverishly brainstorming, planning, developing, and implementing events, programs, and partnerships that will help us reach our goals. Our first major goal to develop a 6-month Life Skills class was accomplished with our first class of graduates in May 2013. F.O.R. is based on the four corners model which is: goal setting, self-esteem, relationship building, and decision making. We have partnered with several qualified partner organizations and individuals that will assist us in continuing to reach our goals.

Providing a physical “safe-haven” for our young ladies is our dream goal! We envision a home that will invite those who need to be restored. We plan to provide: assessment, coaching, mentoring, tutoring, therapeutic crisis intervention, career development, etc. Until we attain our home, we plan to guide and mentor young ladies to strengthen the bond with them and their families.

In order for us to reach our goals, we need your help. We are in need of financial support, community resources, partnerships, and the investment of time and service. The benefit of your assistance will be not only for our young ladies, not just for us, but for our community as a whole!